Monday, July 30, 2012

product review: new TRI gear!

Back when I started taking spin classes, I started collecting bits and pieces of gear that made my rides more enjoyable and helped me do my best.  I tried not to ever worry about how gear made me "look" and only about how the gear made me "feel."  Vanity aside, I've noticed that some of my spin gear did not translate well to bicycling.  

Well you know what that means, it's time to shop!  

I started off at the Danskin website to look at some pieces that could be worn for swimming, biking and running.  I ended up with a couple of really great items.  First off, I got some TRI Shorts.  I really debated about buying these because I never wear shorts.  I don't wear them in every day life, and I don't wear them to spin class.  However I have to contend with the heat, the sun, and tan lines when I'm riding my bike outside and I decided that shorts were a necessary evil.  These shorts have a 7 inch inseam, so they aren't obscenely short and the waistband and leg bands are reinforced to prevent movement during a ride or a run. I haven't swam in them yet, but I'm confident that they'll be perfect for the day of the triathalon and I love riding and running in them so far.  

Next up I bought a TRI Tank and I'm a bit less enthusiastic about this purchase, but it's for vanity reasons I've decided.  First off, the back of the tank is wide and produces a very large tan line during long rides.  Next, the tank is very fitted and I like things to flare a little bit around my midsection, or at least not cling to me for dear life.  Then, it occurred to me that if I'm going to swim in this shirt that I don't want it to move around a lot in the water.  And lastly, it is cut in the front in such away that it gives me a sort of arm bulge.  I've moved it around and I just can't seem to get rid of it, so I'll deal with it.  There are some good things about it though!  I like the shelf bra interior and the zipper on the bust.  The bra shelf means that once it's in place around the girls, it won't budge.  The zipper on the bust means that I can wear it zipped up and tight in the water (it's a bit constricting) and then I can drop the zipper for the bike and the run to allow for a bit more room and air circulation.  The pocket in the back (with a zipper) rocks also.  The length is good, and it doesn't ride up while I'm moving.  

I also (and for no good reason) bought a jacket that was on sale called a Cross Tech Jacket and a Camo Flower Active Tank from Danskin.  The tank I could take or leave, and I'm glad I got it on sale.  But the jacket?  I love the jacket!  It's the perfect mid-weight jacket for spring workouts or heading to my car after an evening workout.  It is lightweight, soft material, and easy to clean.  Winner!  

Just recently I added a new tank to my collection from Novarra called the Rhumba Bike Tank and it has quickly become my favorite biking tank!  It fits perfectly, with a flare at the waist and it has an extra long back side with not one, but two pockets!  The back also cuts in like a racer back, so the tan lines are a bit more tolerable.  I highly recommend this as a cycling or running tank!  

Underneath every tank I wear is this: Moving Comfort Juno sports bra.  I'm not small up top, and my best friend recommended this brand to me after she'd run a few half marathons and a marathon in it.  If it was good enough for her, I thought I'd try it.  My first time out, I fell in love with it!  The adjustable straps are heavenly and the wide band with a bra strap in the back that actually snaps is simply genius.  They took all the great parts of an everyday bra and turned it into my all time favorite sports bra.  I cannot say enough good things about this bra.  

And last, but not least, I bought a Camelbak.  I was trying to drink water during rides and I nearly fell down a couple of hills in the process, so I figured that it was time.  I ended up with the Rogue model, and I was sold finally on the lifetime warranty and replaceable parts.  I looked at it as an investment.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

There are no letters F, U, or N in the phrase "Weight Loss"

I have to admit, I am having a bitter critter moment. Bear with me for just a second and I will try to elaborate without using the eff bomb too much.

Twenty five pounds is quite a success for me, in fact I am quite proud of it. However, as soon as I got that 25 pound charm during my meeting, my brain turned off and my stomach growled. I spent the better part of 3 weeks fighting urges and cravings until this week when I succumbed.

And boy, did I succumb!!!

In just a matter of days I went from moderate self control to brownies, chicken strips, french fries, Pop Tarts, and bacon wrapped hot dogs. Yah, I put an s at the end of the last one because I did not stop after just one.

Bite me.

So what happened? I am not entirely sure. Part of it is because I am a girl, and every 4 weeks I go stark raving mad and eat like a 500 pound man for a few days. But that is only a small part of what I really think happened.

I think I got rebellious. I think I forgot how good it felt to be getting healthy again. I think I wanted instant gratification. I think I gave myself permission to not only fall off the wagon, but to tip the whole damn wagon over, pour lighter fluid on it, and light that bitch up like a bonfire.

I started looking at some of my favorite healthy meals and snacks with such disdain that it was sort of freaking me out. I may have told a banana that I hated it, I cannot be sure. It is all sort of a carbohydrate haze really. I am not sure I was in my right mind.

The good news is that it was a small uptick on the scale thanks largely in part to the fact that my amazing boyfriend has started joining me for bike rides and gym trips. The bad news is that I physically feel ill because of it. Every single bad thing I like, I managed to cram into a 96 hour eating frenzy. It was disgusting. I ate like a teenage boy for a few days, and now my 28 year old female body is pissed. Karma is a beezy.

So there you have it. People talk about trigger foods a lot of times, and I do not know if I have one. I will tell you that I have about a dozen foods that flew quickly into my mouth recently, and I can also tell you that they need to go away for a while.

If you are wondering, I have started my swim training. I am not really pushing myself as of yet, but I have a fairly decent lap pace that makes me confident that the swim portion of the triathalon will not be my weakest event. I am running right about a 1:10 lap for 0.5 miles. That means for about 18 laps, it takes me less than 25 minutes. I also goof around at the ends of the pool, fiddle with my goggles, and check my timer and heart rate. I am so odd.

I have not run in 2 weeks. I do not have an excuse. I worked really hard to bring my pace down to  a 12 minute mile and boosted my distance to 1.5 miles, then I stopped. I am so odd.

I have been biking short distances with a couple of hills lately, and I throw in a couple sprints or tabata drills everynow and then. Except for Sunday morning, when I skipped breakfast before our ride and ended up doubled over on the side of the trail, nearly throwing up. I made my boyfriend ride back in front of me the whole way so that on the off chance I did end up puking, it would not ruin his day too if you know what I mean. I am so odd.

So I leave you with something one of my twitter friends brought up, and it was that everyn should have a saying or a mantra for their journeys. Mine is this,

I would rather be healthy than skinny.