Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just watching this video gives me the chills.  These men and women submitted their stories in 2010 and Weight Watchers selected them for the new "Believe" ad campaign, but it's so much more than an ad campaign.  

These are real people.  These people have real lives.  Many of these people share their lives on Twitter, in blogs, and through Facebook.  

For me, that makes a world of difference.  Janet Jackson can lose all the weight she wants using pre-made meals from Nutri System, but she isn't your average person in my eyes.  Marie Osmond can do the same.  I hate to say it, but even the Jennifer Hudson deal with Weight Watchers doesn't motivate me.  It is a celebrity's full time job to look good, and they can hire a team of people to help them.  I need to know that someone out there who has a full time job and full time relationships can lose weight without hiring a posse.  

Then I'll Believe.  

Well, now I do.  

So if you haven't already seen the commercial:  

And if you have Twitter or Facebook, look these people up.  Or log on to the Weight Watchers website and go through the community blogs and message boards.  We're real.  We're motivated.  We believe.  

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